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In Foreign Lands

Philharmonia APA – 20 talented graduates of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts returns to Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival and presents ‘Adventures in Foreign Lands’ in MuTh Theater on Sunday, April 30 at 7:30pm. The concert features works by Gershwin, Austin Leung and Stravinsky.

30/4/2017 (Sun)
MuTh, Vienna

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Music Academy

Sponsored by the HK and Ingrid Lee Foundation
An unparalleled musical experience for aspiring singers from age 8 to age 17

No experience necessary!

Group 1: 17-21/7/2017 (Mon-Fri)
Group 2: 24-28/7/2017 (Mon-Fri)
Location: Canadian International School of Hong Kong
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Magic of Music
Community Concert

‬The Community Concert showcases the fruits of our previous efforts‭‬,extending an enthusiasm from the “Hong Kong-Vienna Music Festival 2016”. ‬Choirs of all ages and background‭ ‬are invited to perform at the Concert to promote choral singing across generations and borders‭.

29/7/2017 (Sat)
Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong


Vienna Week (Hong Kong)

The Vienna Week offers unique opportunity to experience Austrian arts and culture first hand through a multi-faceted programme including a lecture on Austrian classical music, dance and opera workshops as well Hong Kong’s first ever Beethoven Sonata Marathon. 



Ultimate Viennese

As part of this years’ Hong Kong Vienna Music Festival we present the Ultimate Viennese Concert in Hong Kong’s City Hall. The evening will be filled with music by some of Austria’s most celebrated composers brought to you by renowned musicians from both Vienna and Hong Kong.

28-29/7/2017 (Mon-Tue)

Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall


The Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival is a multi-dimensional platform of cultural collaboration.

The 6-week festival will bring together 1000 participants, including distinguished artists and young musicians from both cities, music teachers and students. Most of them come from different backgrounds and speak different tongues, but it is music, a universal language, that bridges and gathers them under the same roof towards the same goal. The sound of music will transfuse the passion of arts to the general public through concerts, workshops and community programmes. Such a unique cross-cultural artistic experience will challenge and inspire our participants and the community to new heights as musicians and global citizens.



‘On behalf of the Government of HKSAR, I am writing to express our support for the Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival… The Festival will be a ground-breaking multi-dimensional platform of cultural collaboration between the two cities.’

-Mrs Carrie Lam
Chief Secretary for Administration
The Government of HKSAR

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‘…the Festival will further put into reality the boundless exchange opportunities through the means of music. Our concerted effort will not only enrich the arts scene in both cities, but also promote mutual understanding among different nations…’

Consul General
Austrian Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau

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‘I am therefore particularly glad that the Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival 2016 strengthens the cultural ties between our cities. Culture has been successful in building bridges and has often been at the beginning of close relations in other areas such as business or society’

-Dr Michael HÄUPL
Mayor and Governor of Vienna

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‘…Your support brings about not only a successful festival event with glamour and spotlights, but also educates the communities with a deeper understanding and appreciation of arts and cultures, which is, in my opinion, a privilege of being human and the key to a better life.’

-Jimmy Chiang
Artistic Director
Kappellmeister, Vienna Boys Choir

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‘… In Hong Kong we are losing our diversity and dynamics because of the limited options and narrow definition of success. It is time to reflect on the purpose and our means of education for the betterment of our next generation…’

-Irene Au
Director, Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation

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