The Summer Music Academy is Vienna Boys Choir’s summer course taking place in Hong Kong. It is a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts aged 8 – 17 to sing, compose, play games and have fun in an international environment. But what exactly happens during this week? We have put together a list of things to expect:



Every morning at 8:30 we all gather at the registration desk. After signing your name and putting on your very own name tag it’s time to relax and catch up with the other classmates while waiting for everyone to arrive.

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Group Warm-Up

At 9 o’clock sharp we start our group warm-up!
A little bit of physical activity and vocal exercises is the best way to get energized for a day full of singing.

Summer Music Academy

Small Group Activities

Throughout the day we get divided into small workgroups. During small group activities, we learn new songs, compose, play instruments and play a lot of fun musical games.

Summer Music Academy

Lunch Time

At 12:30 it is finally lunch time! Every day we get a selection of delicious meals including starters, main courses, and yummy desserts. There is always a perfect choice for everyone. My favorite meal is the meatball pasta!

Summer Music Academy

Learning lots of new music

How many foreign language songs can you sing? After a week at SMA you will know at least half a dozen! We sing songs in German, Afrikaans, Spanish, English, Cantonese, Latin and many more!

Summer Music Academy

Make New Friends

My favorite part of SMA is making so many new friends! After one week of playing, singing and performing together you will get to know some amazing people who love singing and music just as much as you do.

Summer Music Academy

Have Fun!

SMA is not only hard work. There is plenty of opportunities to relax and play with your new friends. It is so much fun!

Summer Music Academy

Sign up Today!

If you haven’t done so already, register for Summer Music Academy 2018 by simply clicking here!
We are looking forward to welcoming you!!!

Summer Music Academy