Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival

A multi-dimensional platform for cultural exchange
Creating a better world through the power of music 

The Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival is an exciting multi-dimensional platform of cultural exchange, based on the shared values of musical excellence and cross-border collaboration. The festival brings together over 1000 participants from around the world including distinguished artists, young musicians, music teachers and local students from both Hong Kong and Vienna. Music has the power to transcend differences and find unity through a shared passion for the arts. This leads our musicians to connect with the community through public concerts, workshops and community-based programmes. Such unique cross-cultural experiences challenge and inspire our musicians, and bring a new-found joy of music to the community.

Raising talents

Through the Festival, we wish to raise the standards of local talent by exposing them to cross-cultural experiences of the highest artistic integrity. Raising young locals’ artistic awareness against a backdrop of multi-cultural collaboration supports the development of Hong Kong culture into a globally recognized center for the arts. We live in an age when the arts are taken for granted, and are often undervalued or overlooked. Yet when enjoyed as a part of everyday life, music has a profound effect on social and intellectual development and quality of life. Through the promotion of high-quality musical performances and educational opportunities, the Festival seeks to complement Hong Kong’s economic success with unparalleled artistic excellence.

Breaking barriers

We believe that anyone with a passion for music should be able to experience such programs as we offer. However, these things are often considered a far-off dream for those that are economically-challenged. The Festival is dedicated to breaking such barriers. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, we are able to waive enrolment fees for participants and also provide free concert tickets who would otherwise not be able to attend concerts and other activities.

We believe that Music should be accessible to everyone regardless of background. The path of transforming Hong Kong into a center of the arts is long and winding, but each little step matters. Support the Festival to make yours count!

The Presenter – Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation

The Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival is presented by the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation, which is a family member of the Vienna Boys Choir. The Foundation is dedicated to cultivating promising young talent, instilling a global consciousness and cross-cultural competence in our musicians through the power of music.

We aspire to promote harmony among different nations, races and populations through the magic and joy of music. Music is the language of all peoples, binding us together through our humanity and artistic expression. Music reminds us that around the world and across all of the earth’s borders, we are more alike than we are different.