With over 500 years of history, Vienna Boys Choir first set foot in Hong Kong in 1959 to bring us a milieu of trans-century choral works ranging from Medieval motets to Modern classics. In celebration of its 520 years birthday and 60 years of friendship with Hong Kong, apart from the Vienna Boys Choir Concert Tour, we are launching a photo collection campaign ‘ VBC and me’, with the following three themes ‘Sing’ , ‘And’ and ‘Encounter’, in order to create a public album with memories and photographic creations that describe what the Vienna Boys Choir means to each one of us.   

We sing therefore we meet. 

‘Sing’ – Are you a diehard fan of the Vienna Boys Choir, with collections of memorabilia, House Programmes and tickets of past VBC concerts? This is a theme for you. Do share with us your fondest memories with the choir, or alternatively submit photos of you and your friends or the concert venues at different past VBC concerts.

‘ And/Be-Fitting’ – Perhaps you are a creative individual who has a way of seeing and imagining what ‘VBC and I’ can be? Participants may download or print out the three Vienna Boys Choir photos provided, using the concept of Virtual Reality to recreate a never-happened before reality and narrate unexplored links between Hong Kong and the Vienna Boys Choir!

‘Encounter’ –  The Vienna Boys and us always meet and inspire through singing and music. This year, beyond St John’s Cathedral and St. Banoventure Catholic Church, Vienna Boys Choir will be in an exhilarating bus parade to meet Hong Kong public on 30 January at different landmarks. Come capture us in this exciting journey with your camera or mobile phone, and share your snaps with us!

We also welcome any works with a better interpretation and expression of the above themes. 

How to Submit : All you have to do is upload the photograph to your personal Facebook account, and set the privacy of the post to Public. Don’t forget to use the hashtage #VBCandme and a few words to compliment your visual story-telling and help us know what Vienna Boys Choir means to you. Let’s share the works and celebrate this year’s tour and  60 years of Austria-Hong Kong friendship !

The 10 most exciting photos will each receive a special souvenir from us.