Ms Irene Au

Executive Director, Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival

Director, Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation

The Vienna Boys Choir is one of the oldest and most beloved choirs in the world. They are not just a group of singing boys but real contributors to the society through learning, sharing and giving back with more than 300 concert tours, cultural exchanges and charity missions every year.

The Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation set up in Hong Kong in October 2015 is the Choir’s first overseas headquarters in its 500-year-long history. It aims to exert a positive impact on both educational and cultural development in Hong Kong.

The 6-week’s Festival is a multi-dimensional platform that caters to musicians, students and the public with a wide range of programmes including music camp for students conducted by Viennese teachers, training tour in Vienna for Hong Kong music professionals and concerts in both cities including Mahler’s Symphony No.8, the greatest choral work in classical music.

We are extremely excited about this huge collaboration between the two cities. To make this happen, many people have put an overwhelming and incomparable amount of time, effort, and heart into this one concert. It is a stage for musical talents to shine. It is a chance for musicians and students to fully express their passions and ideas and be accepted into the society as themselves!

Join us. Be a player. Be our audience. Be a part of the change you want to see in the world.

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Irene AU

Executive Director, Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival
Director, Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation