Professional Training Tour will open the mind of our educators and expose them to the Austrian education model in which the art is taught as a part of everyday life. After the tour, participants will be able to bring the Austrian model to Hong Kong and synthesise it with local educational needs.

By influencing the future generations with their passion, our participants are expected to take an active role in giving Hong Kong an artistic glamour and making it a place where everyone treasures the value of art and recognises its profound effect on life.


31 Jul, 2016 (Sun) -13 Aug, 2016 (Sat)


Pielachtal — Sekirn — Vienna


– Intensive training programme led by Gerald Wirth, Artistic Director of Vienna Boys Choir (VBC)

  • Strategies to achieve sustainable voice development with a choir or music group
  • Training on effective choir conducting and teaching technique
  • Training on sight-reading, resonance and sound awareness
  • Post-training concert to present repertoire participants have worked on all week

– Exclusive visit to VBC Training Camp in Sekirn

  • Observing rehearsals
  • Participating in VBC’s vocal training
  • Round-table discussion with VBC pedagogues

– Sight-seeing and visits to music, art and cultural spots in Vienna

The Artists
  • Gerald Wirth
    Gerald Wirth
    Artistic Director, Vienna Boys Choir
Gerald Wirth
Artistic Director, Vienna Boys Choir

Gerald Wirth received his first musical training as a member of the Vienna Boys Choir at the Anton Bruckner Konservatorium in Linz, Austria, where he studied voice, oboe and piano. As a teenager, Wirth already conducted a children choir and was the founder of a Youth Choir and a trio sonata ensemble. He was involved in countless premier performances of new works by a wide variety of contemporary European composers. He was one of the youngest ever choir directors of the Vienna Boys Choir and Chorus Director at the Salzburg Opera company “Landestheather”. In 1991, Wirth moved to Calgary Canada to take on the position as the Artistic Director of the Calgary Boys Choir Organisation. He also founded and directed a professional vocal ensemble, “Sangita”. He was the Music Director of the Calgary Civic Symphony as well as the Associate Conductor of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. He has conducted choirs and orchestras all over the world, and sings and plays himself in a number of ensembles. Wirth is regularly invited throughout the globe as a clinician to conduct workshops about music pedagogy and all aspects of choral music. He plays and sings himself in many different ensembles and he can practically get anyone and anything to sing.

In 2001, Wirth became the artistic director of the Vienna Boys Choir. While he is keenly aware of the choir’s rich tradition, he also explores new ways to create and make music. He has instigated a number of projects involving world music, a cappella pop and film music. Wirth’s first love is the voice; as is evident from his own compositions: his works include three children’s operas, several oratorios, theatre projects, music especially written for festivals and countless arrangements for choirs. He finds much of his inspiration in myths and philosophical texts. His works are commissioned and performed internationally. Wirth is convinced that intensive engagement in music has a positive impact on every realm of the personality, and motivates his students to utilise their potential. Together with his close friends, Wirth founded the Organization “Superar”, an European movement supporting the integration of underprivileged children and people in difficult social situation through high quality music education. Over the years, he has developed a unique method to teach people of all age groups to express themselves in music by training their voice, sense of rhythm, hearing and sight-reading skills.

Quote “A choir consists of many individuals whose aim it is to act as a single entity. A concert is only really powerful and exciting when each individual is able to convey his own personality. But if that happens, it’s magic.”

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[維港音樂節 101]



講起社區音樂會,不得不提就係音樂會嘅重頭戲-全場大合唱!大合唱由指揮Andy Icochea Icochea帶領,教全場觀眾唔同嘅歌曲再配合節奏,台上台下一齊大合唱,每年都係大家最回味嘅環節嚟架!


[Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 101]

As you already know, SMA participants will be performing in the Community Concert of the Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 2018, so let us tell you more about it!

Back in 2016, the Hong Kong - Music Festival was opened with a community concert featuring performers from different backgrounds and ages. Thanks to the generous support of Centaline Charity Fund, the concert was made available to audiences with financial difficulties. Until today we have had more than 3000 spectators and performers join us in the annual spectacle.

Led by Maestro Andy Icochea Icochea, “Singing Together” is the Highlight of the Community Concert! The audience and performers joining together to sing is one of the most special and memorable moments of the Community Concert.

We cannot wait to enjoy this musical experience with no boundaries and look forward to finding out what programmes will be performed in this year’s concert under the theme of “Musical Garden”.

Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 2018 Programmes Enrolment and Ticketing:
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[維港音樂節 101]


暑期音樂學院係維港音樂節每年最受歡迎嘅皇牌節目,今年將會喺7月23至27日舉行。 暑期音樂學院由維也納兒童合唱團藝術總監Gerald Wirth設計課程,指揮Icochea Icochea擔任首席導師,帶領國際導師團隊為8至17歲學生帶嚟一連5日嘅獨特合唱體驗。

承蒙JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation支持,暑期音樂學院可以為有經濟困難學生提供全額或半額學費資助。


[Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 101]

Searching for summer activities for you children? We have a perfect recommendation for you!

The Summer Music Academy (SMA) has always been the most popular programme of the Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival. This year the SMA is gonna be held on 23-27 July. With the programme designed by the Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys Choir and taught by an international team of choral conductors led by Maestro Andy Icochea Icochea, SMA offers a 5-day unique choral experience to students aged 8-17.

With the generous support of the JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation, we’re pleased to offer subsidy to students with financial needs.

Students of the SMA will also perform in the Community Concert of the Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival, a concert that invites our local community to experience a fun night of music enjoyment.

報名及詳情 Enrolment and more details:
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[維港音樂節 101]
第一個要介紹嘅節目「維也納交流團系列」帶你岀發到維也納,以第一身嘅經歷了解呢個音樂之都! 交流團分兩種,分別係「師資培訓交流團」同「維也納音樂學習之旅」。


今年度新推岀嘅「維也納音樂學習之旅」,讓任何音樂背景嘅人都有機會去到維也納體會音樂嘅魔力。 感受音樂之都嘅藝術氣息之餘仲可以同嚟自世界各地嘅朋友一齊參加由維也納兒童合唱團音樂總監所指導嘅5日音樂營,透過唔受年齡背景限制嘅世界音樂體驗感受音樂嘅力量。

[Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 101]
We proudly introduce to you the “Vienna Tour Series”! The best way to gain first-hand experience of the capital of music:

In 2016 the "Professional Training Tour" brought music educators and music students to Vienna for a unique opportunity to learn about music education best practices and exchange experiences with local conductors and students. Participants returned with excellent feedback about the benefits that this exchange brought about for music education in both cities!

This year, we are proud to present the “Vienna Music Learning Tour”, where regardless of your musical background, you will get the chance to experience the magical power of music. Not only will participants have the opportunity to visit Vienna. They will also spend time in the beautiful Austrian countryside of Pielachtal where they will participate in a 5-day musical training programme conducted by the Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys Choir filled with cultural exchange activities together with students from all parts of the world.
Are you looking for ideas for this summer? Here is a chance for you with travel and learn at the same time!

「師資培訓交流團」精彩回顧 Recap of "Professional Training Tour":
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[維港音樂節 101]

維港音樂節專注於提高藝術水平同音樂普及教育雙方面,音樂節期間透過各種各類嘅活動滿足各背景、階層參加者嘅需要。 無論你係好有經驗嘅古典音樂愛好者、自問好有天份又想有更多演岀機會嘅年青音樂人、心思思想了解吓古典音樂世界嘅成年朋友、定係對音樂教育好有興趣嘅家長小朋友,喺音樂節裹面都總會搵到適合你嘅活動參與!


[Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 101]

The Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival offers a wide variety of programmes with focus on both artistic and educational sectors. There’s suitable programmes for everyone no matter you’re a well experienced classical music lover, talented musician who’s looking for more opportunities, adults that would like to know more of classical music or families that are interested in music education.

Can’t wait to know more about the festival programmes? We’ll tell you more on individual Festival programmes staring from next week!

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[維港音樂節 101]




[Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival 101]

The Hong Kong - Vienna Music Festival brings together each year musicians from highly cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong and Vienna the music capital of the world.

In the coming weeks, we are going to introduce fun facts of the Festival and most updated news of 2018! Stay tuned to us!

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